Shipping Methods

Can I cancel or change my order?

We may be able to make the following changes within 30 minutes from when you placed your order:

Cancel your order
Decrease the quantity of an item
Remove an item
Apply a valid promo code*

Our goal is to ship your order as quickly as possible. Once your order is placed, we are unable to make the following changes:

Add an item/Increase quantity
Change the payment method/Apply a gift card
Change the shipping address

Don't worry if you have already placed your order. Our Hassle-Free Return Policy means returning a purchase is always easy at wkarlecan.

*To apply a promo code to an item purchased online and picked up in store, please visit the Customer Service Desk at that location.

Shipping Address Help

To select your shipping address: Click "Use this address" under your preferred shipping address for your current order.

The selected address will have a box around it and say “Selected Address” at the bottom. Can I pick up my order at my local store?

City Abbreviations
If your city name has an abbreviation, you may need to spell out the city name in order for our system to

recognize it. For example, enter "St. Louis" as "Saint Louis" (S-A-I-N-T), instead of the abbreviation (St.).

Additional examples:
Mt. = Mount
Ft. = Fort

Registered customers: When checking out as a registered customer, all the shipping addresses in your shopping

account will appear as shipping options. You also have the option to add a shipping address.